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Close Protection (14 Days)

  • Understanding the Job (CPO, PPO).
  • Risk/Threat Assessments.
  • Walking Drills & Formations.
  • All Aspects of Surveillance.
  • Hotel Security.
  • Travel Security.
  • Residential Security.
  • Route Recce’s/Advance Party (SAP).
  • IED/Room & Vehicle Search.
  • Professional.
  • Paperwork.

Close Protection Training Thailand

Our 14 day course covers all the above syllabus’s in great detail. With 12 hour days our instructors aim to give you the knowledge required to complete any task competently, professionally and safely.

This is a 14 day course followed by a 3 day SIA course in the UK. Giving you a certified Diploma signed off by Special Forces Personnel from around the Globe. Plus on the return to the UK doing your 3 day course and obtaining your SIA Diploma, while your mind is fresh.

Venue: Thailand
Our Course’s include flights, accommodation and transport.
For the 2 Course’s £2695

Firearms (5 Days)

  • Firearms, Safety & Loading.
  • Weapons Cleaning.
  • Draw & Shoot.
  • Small Arms Training.
  • Long Barrel/Automatic Training.
  • Move/Still Target Training.
  • Move, Shoot & Cover.
  • Room Clearance.
  • S.W.A.T Training.
  • Glock/M15/Remington.
  • Carry & Conceal Preference.

5 Day Firearms Course Thailand

5 Day Firearms Course Thailand.

Welcome to our new shooting range in Thailand. Our outside ranges will be completed in June 2019, for members and VIP’s only. So book your places now, all our instructors are UK and US Special Forces. Offering the best training available today. With new weapons, and new ranges with the paradise of Thailand, nothing can distract you from the task ahead.

Flights & Accommodation Included.

We offer tactical firearms training courses in Serbia for recreational shooters, tactical operators and security contractors. If you do not see a set course or package that fits your needs let us know and we can customise a firearms training program for you.

Range Fee’s and Rounds Included.

If you are seeking tactical training we have world class instructors that well teach you cutting-edge tactics and techniques.

​We offer public group and individual one-to-one courses.

Only £2495 Book Now.

Tactical Firearms Training
Room Clearance / SWAT Training
Close Protection Firearms Training