Private Investigation in London

One of the many services provided by London Security Group (LSG) is that of Private Investigations in London, United Kingdom. Whether you are seeking information about a theft, missing person, or any court case for that matter – a private investigator is best suited for you.  With a talented skillset of thinking uniquely and creatively, private investigators can be hired to gather, analyse and deliver evidence for any legal, financial or personal dispute brought to them by a client. A private investigator can help assist in the most complex of cases – providing in-depth information and evidence surrounding a certain case, the most popular being profit-centred crimes. Also referred to as a ‘private eye’ or ‘inquiry agent’, a private investigator helps to promote professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness into the world of security.

Our Duties And Responsibilities

Private investigators have a number of duties and responsibilities. From taking pictures and collecting evidence, to conducting background research and creating profiles – the job is of great importance. Typically, they can be authorised to search court records, reconstruct past events and use various technology to aid an investigation. These can include GPS tracking devices, small cameras and CCTV surveillance. All of which help in the examination of cases and dilemmas brought about by clients.

To add, all private investigators treat cases with the strictest of confidence and privacy, due to the nature of the profession. Reassurance and support is given to all those seeking a private investigator, which is demonstrated with the focused and ethical approach of the detective agency when dealing with a case. With expertise and qualifications in legal, corporate, private and commercial investigations, all private researchers deliver results for individuals requesting help with a case.

Why a private investigation in London?

London, being the capital city of England can be proven to be extremely beneficial to the security industry, and in particular to private investigations. Here is why…

  • Firstly it is a prime location for many large organisations and companies. Therefore, private investigations involving corporate crimes (e.g. employee theft, fraud, etc.) can be examined more efficiently and in more detail compared to other cities in the UK.
  • Secondly, London is home to almost 700,000 CCTV cameras, which are constantly monitoring the daily outgoings of the streets of the capital on a 24-hour basis. This can help in any private investigations involving surveillance work or even vehicle tracking.
  • The main location of London Security Group is in Covent Garden – which is famously situated in the centre of the capital. This offers the personnel which can understand the surrounding areas inside and out – proving beneficial in complex scenarios. Also, private investigators located here can use their local knowledge and experiences to offer quick, reliable and effective investigative services to a client.
  • Finally, all private investigators located in London go through a tough selection process. This consists of looking into qualifications, experiences, past criminal convictions, training, etc. This enables an investigator to provide clients with the most reliable, trust-worthy and professional service.

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